U-PVC Pipe


Burana supplies a complete range of PVC-U Drainage Pipe and Fittings. Our range of uPVC systems offers comprehensive solutions required to complete any domestic or industrial drainage system. All of our PVC-U pipes and fittings are manufactured and tested in accordance with the major international standards: European Standards BS EN1401, BS EN 1329, as well as the standards such as BS 5255, BS 4514, BS 4660, BS 5481.General Properties of Burana PVC-U Drain Pipes

• Fully compliant to the all international standards.

• Strong and impact resistant.

• Resistant to a wide range of chemicals / fluids.

• Different lengths available 3m, 2.9m, 6m, 5.8m. other lengths on request.

• Outstanding mechanical properties of tensile strength and resistance to pressure.

• Smooth bare to give excellent flow characteristics.

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