PE is a common thermoplastic which has a few disadvantages such as low resistance to high temperatures and high pressures (max 50C). That is why scientists have applied cross linking operation in several crosslinking processes. Crosslinking increases the resistance of pipe against high pressure and high temperature. So, PEX pipes have a high thermal resistance and never melt.

PEX is an acronym, PE stands for Polyethylene and the X stand for a process called crosslinking.

PEX plastic pipe has been widely accepted in Europe for more than thirty years. PEX plastic pipes meet all the required specifications and go through extensive testing. It is a low cost solution that provides efficient and cost effective heating – saving money every winter for years to come. It is unobtrusive so that every square meter of floor and wall can be used which is useful in terms of interior design. Product durability is enhanced with an outer layer providing an oxygen barrier to prevent corrosion of metallic parts in the system.
Our PEX pipes are available in a wide range of fittings from 16mm to 25mm

Advantages of PEX pipe

  • It is lightweight, making it ideal for carrying and transporting.
  • It can easily be bent to accommodate corners and curves, and requires fewer fittings.
  • This leaves fewer opportunities for leaks and allows for a quick and easy installation.
  • PEX plastic pipes offer long-term durability. They are corrosion resistant and have an increased capacity for expansion, making them burst resistant.
  • Flexibility (both physically and in application)
  • Extreme temperature resistance—suitable for use with water up to 90C and in applications where temperatures drop below freezing
  • Compatibility with existing copper tubing, CPVC, and other CTS pipe
  • 100% hygienic
  • No corrosion

Application Areas

  • Plumbing (hot and cold water applıcatıons)
  • Residential, commercial and industrial radiant floor/wall/ceiling heating system
  • Soil conditioning in greenhouse applications
  • Snow and ice melting systems
  • Underground fluid distribution