Valves serve a variety of purposes in the industrial, engineering, manufacturing and scientific communities. Selecting the right valve can determine the success or failure of the system or process.Burana offers you full qualification for manufacturing widest kind of industrial valves in all common sizes & customized sizes, and available in international standards.Expertise of Burana at Water, Oil & Gas pipeline market and the established relations with selected activists at the field make the company aware of the market requirements.The production line include: Gate, Globe, Check, Ball Valve, and Y-strainer

Valve Testing and Inspection:
According to the given requirements, high pressure hydrostatic seat test, hydrostatic shell test, low and high pressure seat tests are performed properly according to ISO, CE and API 6D test standards.Teknik_CEK_VALF_PN16_7Teknik_KURESEL_DISLI_VANA_PN16_1Teknik_KURESEL_DO_ALGAZ_VANASI_PN40_2