PE80 Gas Pipes

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Natural Gas is the cleanest and least polluting energy with the lowest carbon content of all fossil fuels. Its combustion emits less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than coal and oil, and so, helps to mitigate the greenhouse effect. PE 80 pipes are the preferred choice all over Europe for water and gas distribution thanks to the many benefits they provide. In the opinion of many leading specialists of the gas industry, the widespread use of polyethylene pipes for gas supply can radically change the methods and rate of gasification. Polyethylene pipes have a number of advantages, determining the expediency and effectiveness of its use. PE pipe and fittings are produced as certified according to norms of TS EN 1555, ISO 4437, DVGW GW 335 A2 and DVGW GW 335 B2.CRITERIA for using PE pipes for gas distributionCheap and easy installation
Non-rust, non-corrosion
Easy identification color: yellow
Low maintenance cost
Reliable and safe joint systems (butt welding and electrofusion)
Ecological, recyclable
Low weight
Flexible, come in rolls
Long useful life (50 years)ADVANTAGES of PE pipes compared to metal pipes:

Lower density, lower weight
Cheaper to install
Non rust, non-corrosion, no scale build up
Welded joints
Smooth on the inside, less roughness
Lower load loss
Greater length, coils or straight pipes, fewer joints
Flexible, less fittings
Flexible, resistant to soil settlement
Easy to handle and install

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Form: PE80
Diameters: Ø 20 – Ø 630 mm
Length: Pipes, in coils of up to Ø 125 mm, Ø 125 mm and the diameter is 12 m long are produced, except that it is produced according to demand
Colors: Yellow and Black (Yellow Striped)