Burana has proven itself to be a reliable actor in procurement and logistics for humanitarian projects.

Our experience shows that it is vitally important to supply the right type resources during the emergency situation. Burana has effectively sourced and supplied various emergency items and kits such as tarpaulin, blankets, winterization kits, kitchen sets for emergency projects.

Burana links its immediate response to its experience in ongoing projects and consistently looks to do even better than currently doing.

Burana’s success is based on its experienced team, in-depth understanding of the local and international market, knowing the needs of the NGOs, sharing the values of the aid agencies we partner with.

We position ourself to be better able to move operations quickly when humanitarian response needs procurement and logistics services.

We are able to supply the following products:

  • Winterization Kits
  • Blankets & Beddings
  • Clothing
  • All weather tents
  • Medicine & Hygiene kits
  • Kitchen sets
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Baby Kits
  • Matresses
  • Protective clothing and gear
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Solar lamps and lighting solutions
  • Water (WASH) equipment
  • Pumps, pipes
  • Generators
  • Complex logistics solutions, products and equipment