Burana also provides an array of specialized services built around its equipment, including engineering, onsite technical support, and equipment training.

At Burana there is only one measure of success–the value we add to your business.
We have a powerful track record of applying the right technology to provide predictable cost estimates and schedules while striving to manage risks and safety requirements to client expectations.

We are unrivaled in giving clients the full range of services that take you from design and engineering to resourcing and execution.

Key Services

  • Due-diligence studies, route selection & right-of-way/environmental permitting
  • Pipeline engineering, design verification & size optimization
  • Gas distribution systems optimization
  • Materials engineering
  • Cost estimating and scheduling
  • Corrosion & integrity management

And finally, we make it easy to get what you need fast, typically processing your order by phone, fax, or email and shipping without delay.