PE Manholes


Polyethylene manholes are applied in industrial and domestic sewage. Regarding the increasingusage of polymeric products in various global industries, this product is an appropriate alternative toconcrete or other construction materials.PE manhole is a product which is manufactured of finest raw material with best design,compared to similar samples. This product has wide range of application such as oil, gas and

petrochemical industry, power plants and urban transmission pipelines. We have the right

solution for any needs.

Application: Sewer & Stormwater

Testing: Designed, manufactured and tested to meet all the standards. All units are leak

tested prior to dispatch.

Advantages of PE manholes

1. Lower manufacturing and installation costs compared to concrete ones

2. Less running time for PE manholes compared to concrete manholes.

3. Resistant to a large number of chemical compared to concrete ones.

4. Durable to chemical environment and humid climate

5. Easy installation in sewage transmission lines and significant cost reducing in large

projects implementation.

Polyethylene Inspection chambers generally consist of 3 pieces.