Tunnel Type Drainage Pipe


Areas of Use

    • Highways, motorways drainage applications.
    • Railway drainage applications.
    • Dam, canals, irrigation infrastructures drainage applications.
    • Airport infrastructure drainage applications.
    • Drainage applications for structures such as school, hospital, hotel etc.
    • Drainage appli

cations for mass housings, industrial and sports facilities.

Advantages of Tunnel Type PVC Drainage Pipe and Fittings

  • With PVC raw material high resistance to underground acidic and basic liquids is ensured.
  • Horseshoe form, vertical groove of the internal and external structure ensures resistance to external forces.
  • It can be installed easily with its bell mouth structure and flat base.
  • It is lightweight and does not require additional construction vehicle for handling.
  • Integrated socket shaped section enables quick mounting.
  • Since its base is flat flow and flow rate of water increases.
  • It can be manufactured in 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm diameters with a length of 6 meters as perforated or non-perforated.
  • With 220° perforate angle, the water does not return to the ground and high suction flow rate is realized.
  • Since it is easy to install, it does not require trained personnel and demanding workmanship.
  • Since all fittings have specially designed latch connection, separation does not occur at joints.
  • It is durable against sun rays and external effects.
  • Pipes manufactured as non-perforated can be used as collector.

Standards Concerning Technical Features of Tunnel Type PVC Drainage Pipe and Fittings:
Tunnel Type PVC Drainage Pipe and Fittings: DIN 4262-1, TS 9128
Chemical Resistance Standard: ISO TR 10358
PVC Raw material Standard: DIN EN 1905

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