Polyethylene Insulation

EPDM Rubber

Burana offers a variety of thermal insulation products that are available to choose that best fit its customer needs.Insulation material is widely used to reduce unwanted heat loss or heat gain, to decrease plumbing noise and maximize energy savings.

Areas of applications are

  • cold and hot water lines,
  • refrigeration,
  • air conditioning and underground lines.

Burana supplies insulation products made up of environmantally friendly materials polyethylene (PE) and rubber.

Polyethylene insulation Products:

Insulation products made up of low-density polyethylene foam meet all the international standard requirements and specifications thus are the most preferred products in the local market.

Burana-FLEX Tube is a pipe insulation product specially designed and manufactured in the state-of-the-art facility to fit the cooling industry needs.

Advantages of Burana-FLEX Tube:

  • The best performance by using the premium quality raw material.
  • Maximum energy saving due to its low heat conduction
  • Completely anti-microbial & anti-microbial structure
  • Easiness of applications due its excellent flexibility.
  • 6mm-32mm insulation thickness range
  • 6mm-220mm diameter width range

Burana-FLEX Sheet is a thermal insulation sheet manufactured specially for large diameter piping and ventilating channels. Manufactured either with self-adhesive covering for quick assembly or aluminium covering for anti-fire performance, Burana-FLEX sheet meets all the required performance tests.

Advantages of Burana-FLEX sheet:

  • Ideal solution for heating, cooling and ventilating systems
  • Environmetally friendly
  • Can be installed in commercial, industrial and residential insulation projects.
  • 6mm-100mm insulation thickness range
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