PP Pipe

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Polypropelene (PP) is stiffer than polyethylene and therefore ideal for producing non-pressure pipes and forming the socket joints, which are easily preferred by the installer.

PP-based pipe systems for wastewater follow the highest quality standards, as laid down in international and national standards and specifications, throughout the whole value chain-from the production of the raw material to pipe manufacturing and final installation.

Noise, particularly mechanical or plumbing noise such as water hammer, should be eliminated from domestic environments. PP pipes provide the ideal platform for sound dampening solutions in waste water pipe systems for living spaces. In addition, pipe material must offer a long operating lifetime and be resistant to flushed laundry detergents. Especially for conveying water discharged from dishwashers and washing machines, the pipe must have the ability to cope with a peak temperature of 95°C.

The BENEFITS of PP materials for waste water piping:

Chemical Resistance: PP materials are very resistant to sulfuric acid erosion. Indeed, they are used to renovate or protect concrete sewer pipes.

Specific weight: PP has the lowest specific weight of all sewage pipe materials, producing a stiff lightweight system that is easy to install.

Hydraulic flow: PP pipes are very smooth and have the lowest friction factor of all sewer pipe materials. Therefore solids can be transported even at low fluid flows, which is important in hot dry climates like the Middle East.

Abrasion resistance: Polymers, such as PP, have a much higher resistance to abrasion than concrete, clay, or iron pipes. This is particularly important in Middle East countries, where sand is trapped in the sewers and drainage systems.

Temparature resistance: PP materials offer a broad range of operating temperatures. PP pipes can resist peak temperatures of up to 95°C.

Flexibility: PP is tough and flexible and will not crack or break at moderate levels of deformation, whereas concrete and clay pipes are very brittle and fail at very low levels of deformation.

Weldability: Where tree root intrusion is a serious problem, welded PP pipe systems can be used forming an impenetrable barrier to tree roots.

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